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Kind Words About our Gallery

Jim, Great Job

Lonnie Kirakoff

I've taken two of Cheryl's classes, one that she arranged specially for my daughter and myself to make Halloween pumpkins with ghosts popping up from them out of gourds, and one with a group making beaded Easter eggs, also out of gourds.  Both classes were fabulous!  Cheryl is a great instructor, very patient and encouraging.  Not only did I end up with some unique holiday decorations, but I had so much fun in the process!  I can't wait to take another class.



Normally, I'm not a craft person. I can repair broken items, but to sit down & do some kind of craft, not for me.  I got talked into taking a class at Cheryl's. I grudgingly showed up. I sat down with friends, family & strangers & had the time of my life. We were learning, joking & laughing. Cheryl is the perfect teacher & host. I definitely want to take another class.


Cheryl Anne, I met you last year at gourd retreat and just found your card when I was going thru things. Your site is beautiful and your work is AMAZing! Just wanted to say hi and that your site is Great.



Congratulations to Cheryl on her award winning hand bag in memory of Aunt Ethel. The design is very beautiful. I really like how the yarn provides texture and depth to the hand bag. The colors are very complimentary.



I met you at my garage sale and then at the Christmas Open House (where I bought your snowflake silk scarf).  I was just looking at your photographs and I wanted to tell you how beautiful they are.   I knew you were talented but WOW!  I am looking forward to getting together some time after the holidays.

Until then,



Jim Swallow did an excellent job of putting together my photo website. I couldn’t be more pleased with the clear and beautiful results. I thank him also for clearly explaining how I could add and delete files on my own. His communication with me during the project was first rate. I would recommend his expertise to anyone interested in a successful web presence.
Bob Boice


 For the past ten years Jim has been my Photoshop, software and print teacher and I rely heavily on him to train me in all aspects of maximizing the potential of my photography, from pre capture to print. Jim also heads a large monthly meeting that I attend, the Photographic Art Society, a gathering of fellow photographers that is fun and informative.

In the past I have taken expensive training classes with so-called professionals that have left me wondering, “Huh? What did he just say?“ But Jim always presents creative ideas and then effectively communicates them to me in a way that allows me to leave the learning session with a true understanding of mechanics and theory. Either in front of a group or sitting over my shoulder in a one-on-one training session, Jim is the consummate effective teacher.

Besides being fun to work with, Jim is a take-charge person who always seems to relish tackling the challenges that are presented to him in a way that inspires and motivates his students. I highly recommend Jim knowing that he would be an asset to anyone seeking a professional photographer's expertise.

Robin Smillie