Incense Burners/Holders Made from Recycled Bottles $15.00

Melted Recycled bottle can also be used for all kinds of entertaining dishes. They are fired in the Kiln to a specific temperature and then cooled to create these unusual shapes. A mold is used to give it the curve at the neck of the bottle and the rounded shape in the base.We use soda bottles, beer bottles, water bottles and wine bottles to create this great gift for a friend of as a moving in present for the new neighbor. Great Party Gift during the holidays
We have so many varieties that we would like you to call the gallery and we can custom design your bottle for you. Each bottle comes with either candles or a serving utensil. Custom Orders Welcome

Clear Recyled bottle incense holder

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Dark Green wine bottle

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Black bottle incense burner

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Incnese holder with decal

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bottle  incnse holder

Recycled Incense Burners

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